Thursday, April 05, 2007

happy thursday.

This is a postcard I drew a while ago. One Penn class back in November or December, I had drawn an exceedingly fat bear with an exceedingly fat neck. I showed my drawing to a certain someone. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) This person was extremely insensitive to the fact that even bears on paper (and cartoon bears' creators) have feelings and proceeded to mock the bear's fatness. The bear came to be known as Edwin/Winston. Fitting names for such a "fat and nerdy" bear. Anyway. I have a spot in my heart for animals that are fat and fuzzy and bears. So I don't think Edwin/Winston should take what the bullies say too seriously. But that is just my opinion, and he is a teenager-bear. Adolescent bears, like adolescent humans, are much too impressionable...


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  2. kudos to edwin/winston for taking his health seriously. exercise and a subway diet should do the trick!

  3. haha...i love your comic strip and creativity.