Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the things that prompted my dad to call me "weird"

Recently, while at my parents' home in LA, I discovered my college sketchbook and the money I'd created for a project during college. I'm really proud of these. Please comment or question!

MONEY (2004)
materials: Canson paper, archival black ink, rapidograph pen, gouache, gold leaf
dimensions: 3 inches x 6.5 inches

This is the ONE cc bill. The man depicted is Captain Mercapto. He is my original O-chem superhero. O-chem superheroes were invented during a Chem3B lecture, in 2001 by Sunny P. and I. We were doing a heckuva lot of nomenclature, and the thiol group (mercaptans) came up. We decided "mercapto" sounded like a superhero name, and thus... CAPTAIN MERCAPTO!

This is the 2cc bill. Depicted here is Hydroxyman. He was the second superhero to be invented. His group is the hydroxyl group. (alcohols). He has wicked hair. My hair would look like that if I was a boy.

The 2 cc bill is the only one that I created a back for. I chose the 2 bill simply because I liked the curves of the "2." I hadn't given the one or the fractions much thought. I was also really effing tired when the decision was made to do this. I am still pleased with the outcome.

The 1/5 cc bill depicts Drosophila melanogaster--MY (and therefore the O-chem superheroes') MORTAL ENEMY! This creature has inflicted torture on me for the majority of my 4.5 college years. This bill commemorates that torture. Note: the villains are NOT affiliated with chemical groups. Rather, they're key figures in genetics or biochem.

The 1/10 cc bill depicts Chaperonin. He is not evil like D. melanogaster. He is not loyal to either side.


  1. Michelle that money is awesome.
    When I buy my island and start a country, your money will be the official currency.

    Of course, by that time all money will be carried in credits on cards, but our museums will carry your bills as historical documents.

  2. So very cool! Despite Dad calling you weird, he must think it's pretty rad too, because your money is displayed all over the house!! Maybe you can make a commemorative bear bill.