Monday, September 15, 2008

Insight from Jorj (Grade 2)

I was in the second grade classroom today at the end of the day. While the kids were doing their pack-up routine (behavior grades and homework), Jorj comes over to me to give me this drawing of boxers: Evander Holyfield, Muhammed Ali, to name a few.

Jorj: (after explaining who everyone is in the picture) You can give this to your husband!
Me: My husband?! How do you know I have a husband?
Jorj: Because, every woman has a husband.
Me: What if I don't have a husband?
Jorj: Then you'd cry and say "oh noooo" (in wailing tone, with hands covering his face)


Yup. That's me. Every hour of my waking life. Oh NOOOOOOOOO.

1 comment:

  1. Funny... I HAVE a husband, and that's what I do! ;) Just kiddin' honey!!

    How cute is that.