Thursday, March 24, 2011


Yikes! it's been over two weeks since the last post.  I have been drawing though, so I'll post as regularly as possible from now.

So, between then and now, what have I been doing?
1) designed and ordered promo postcards
2) wrote "query"/cover letters
3) put envelopes together
4) MAILED my portfolio samples!

Here's a picture before a trip to the post office.

Based on the volume of file folders, envelopes, labels, paper clips and papers lying around, I could have opened a small office supply store. It's funny how all that matter condensed into these seven envelopes--they're considerably less meaty than I anticipated. (A good thing I hope.)

To sum it all up in one word: RELIEVED.
I don't know why I put off the mailing for so long, but I feel way better now that it's out of my hands. There's nothing to fret about. Well, the fear of complete rejection looms, but I can worry about that 3-6 months down the line if/when it happens... and fortunately I have good coping skills.  

For now I'm more than ready to resume a normal schedule and work on the stuff that's been put aside. 


  1. It looks like the postcards turned out really well! Can I have one of each to put in F's room (when he gets one)? :)

  2. Oh man, those look fantastic! I can't wait to see them in person!