Friday, October 30, 2009

At-home behavior management


I realize a bear isn't really an invention.

Dispatching a bear to stealthily enter a child's room where they are neglecting their homework for other pursuits... well, that would be an invention of sorts. A second story window is no match for this agile climber. As a teacher, after utilizing this tool, homework/project completion is sure to rise to 100 percent.*

*Use of the bear has been accompanied by a 10 percent drop in attendance. It may cause unwanted side effects in children such as anxiety, nervousness and Ursus-phobia. It is dispatcher's responsibility to ensure that the bear is well rested and fed before being sent out to homes. The bear takes no responsibility for maulings that occur if it has not been adequately fed beforehand. It is advised that you alert parents BEFORE dispatching the bear.

1 comment:

  1. Stephen Colbert's Worst Nightmare! Bears raising our children? Turning them against us in the upcoming Bear - Human Wars? The future is beary uncertain!