Friday, February 18, 2011

The Champ of Champs Snoozer

Franky Smalls Lee is the champ of champs snoozer;
Logs- a distant second, Princess Aurora-she's the loser. 
The glasses may clink and the dishes may clatter, 
But Franklin sleeps on- noise is no matter.
He slumbers boldly, while the vacuum drones,
while the dishwasher runs and people chat on iPhones. 
Through sirens, alarms, bells, whistles and roars,
In nap-dom he stays, with the sweetest of snores.
But there is one sound that he always can hear-
the mutterings of his gut transmit loud and clear,
"Hey Smalls, Guess what? You're running on low!"
(in a voice that sounds like Tony Soprano).
So to show who's boss, Frank wakes and eats,
practices punches, 
then goes back to sleep.

*This poem is entirely FACTUAL.

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