Saturday, September 22, 2012

proud mama!

My new baby arrived today. I'm now the proud mama of a Rotatrim Professional M24. It's an understatement to say that I'm thrilled (for goodness sake, I'm blogging about it, and it takes a lot for me to blog about anything)!  Until now, I've relied on Kinkos' equally awesome Rotatrim, but no more. OH MAN, I AM SO EXCITED! 

A beauteous thing! 
I also ordered a custom rubber stamp from earlier in the week. I'd used them before for a custom stamp for my friend, Lois' wedding invitations, and I liked their fast service and good quality stamps. I ordered the basic wooden custom stamp, but for a few more dollars, you can also get it with a handle. It came in the mail today. I could hardly wait to try out my new gold stamp pad!  

August and September have been good months. I went on a weeklong camping trip with my parents and family friends to the Grand Canyon right after labor day. The time away from the computer and tv and the rest of the world was rejuvenating, as was waking up/going to bed with the sun. 

sunset from Yaki Point
I requested a last minute backcountry permit and hiked down to the river and back up the next day (6.8 miles down, 9.3 miles up). Aside from hobbling around on spaghetti legs for the next three days and not being able to look at a clif bar without feeling ill (and perhaps developing a slight peanut allergy?) there was no permanent damage done. I met many nice folks on the trail, and everyone was super supportive of the fact that I was solo-ing/on my first expedition. For the most part, I was hiking alone- just me and the canyon and the dust. Even if someone was a hundred feet in front of me, once they rounded a curve or went up a switchback, I could not see them. It was pleasant to be alone. The only thing that kills me is that I didn't take my camera because of the weight. Next time, I go lightweight. 

Anyway, it was good to get away, but even better to be back and ready to work. I'm currently collaborating with a customer on some Little Prince invitations for her son's first birthday, and thinking up designs for digital invitation kits. 

Also, lots of new babies on the way. Real human babies... YAY!

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