Saturday, October 20, 2012

a bit of October

A new sewing machine (love!), a baby shower, Disneyland and some fantastically fun custom jobs.

Here's a peek at C's baby shower invitations. 

Babies galore!
The invitations are done, but I didn't make one up for myself, and I realized I didn't photograph them until I had sealed up the package for shipping. Doh! She's asked me to design some other pieces for her shower, and I'm trying to keep my ideas within the boundaries of reason. I love the flexibility that comes with custom projects. It never gets boring because I usually get to use a lot of different processes/techniques... and I come out of these projects with a glut of ideas. My brain, I've found, is sort of a jerk. It comes up with all sorts of random ideas (some of them, pretty good) at moments when I'm incapable of implementing them. Must be some subconscious avoidance mechanism at work. Anyway, after working on C's project, I've some up with a couple brand new designs. Hoping to get these out before thanksgiving.

My silkscreen stuff has been in storage for eight years, and I am so happy to get back into it. After spending a couple weeks getting screens made (and re-made), buying inks, setting up my system, and some printing failures, today was a great printing day. Drizzly and cool days are precious in L.A., especially for outdoor silkscreening. I'm using gold and silver pearl inks from Permaset and am pleased with the opacity and shine. 

ACHHH! How do people live like this?!
After I clean off this ridiculous desktop, I intend to keep Henry Miller's seventh commandment.

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